Meet Real Quaker Singles and Fall in Love!

Meet Real Quaker Singles and Fall in Love!

There is no doubt about it: Quaker dating in letters and meeting minutes is confusing! You would not be alone in thinking this way. Early Friends objected to the names of the days and months in the English language because they were of a non-Christian origin. Sunday was called as such by the Saxons because it was the day they sacrificed to the sun. Monday was the day they sacrificed to the moon; Thursday was the day they sacrificed to the god Thor; and so on. Quakers thought it inconsistent for Christians to continue using the names of heathen idols.

Long Plain Friends Quaker Meeting House

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In Rachel Rowlands wrote of her experience of living in the Quaker to London have I come to have as close friends same-sex couples or singles, many of these in your browser settings, but this may affect how the website works.

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Luton Quakers

L ast August I was sent to write about the post-evangelical Greenbelt festival. Being an atheist who abhors proselytising and finds evangelism extremely problematic, I initially made a reluctant observer. But as the day unfolded, I stood corrected in some of my preconceptions: the festival supported liberal ideas, hosted inter-faith debates and embraced some facets of radical activism. One event in particular stood out: I found myself unexpectedly moved to the verge of tears while attending my first Quaker meeting.

‘Women’s Speaking Justified’: Women and Discipline in the Early Quaker Movement, DOI: ; Published online by Details of his dating system, and of the history of the Thomason Collection as a.

They say you learn something new everyday. And my new thing I learned today was a little something about Quaker dating. What the…? I wondered. But why would the date be written that way? As I continued, I found a few more letters dated in the same manner. Apparently, it was common practice for Quakers to refer to months by their numbers rather than their names.

Pretty Nice, What Else You Got Though?

Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Visit us and share its atmosphere of peace, talk to us about the experience of being a Quaker and find out the history of Quakerism in Lincolnshire. The church was built in as a memorial to John Robinson who was known as the ‘pastor to the Pilgrim Fathers’. We’d love to keep you posted when we add new churches, trails and inspiring ideas for places to visit. Sign up to our monthly five minute update.

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We are a group of people in and around Doncaster who meet for Quaker worship and other activities. We welcome visitors. As Quakers, we have our roots in Christianity and the life and teachings of Jesus. But we also respect and seek to learn from the experiences and opinions of others and work towards common human goals. We have no creeds or paid priests and ministers. Our meetings for worship are based on silent waiting, in which we seek to come nearer to one another and to God.

Balby is one of the oldest Quaker meetings, dating back over years. We have a newly refurbished building near the centre of Doncaster to meet our needs and those of others in this area. This is available for hire. You can find out more about us and other Quakers through this website and through www.

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Request new password. Login Login. The Future is Ours and our Children’s. Historically, Friends have not been afraid to identify and face major issues, whether they have been kingly proclamations, slavery, conditions in prisons or world wars. At Yearly Meeting , Kevin Tate and Robert Howell graphically brought to our attention the looming environmental crisis that has been created largely by Western over-consumption in our lifetimes.

Collectively, we have increased atmospheric carbon dioxide levels dramatically, to the point where global temperatures are beginning to rise.

Quakers are a religious organisation dating from the seventeenth century. link to an interactive piece of internet art by Linda Murgatroyd, introducing Quakers.

Quakers are a religious organisation dating from the seventeenth century. Its roots are in Christianity but today Quakers are a broad-based group of those who believe that there is something of God or the divine in everyone. Quakers strongly believe in the equality of all. They welcome people regardless of gender, colour, nationality, disability or sexuality. Where are you travelling from? Get directions Close. Please do not change the value of the following field.

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Quaker Historical Library

We will not be meeting in person, but will each hold worship in our own home at the usual time on Sunday mornings further details here. Our Friday open days are suspended until further notice. The garden and burial ground remain open during daylight hours. Originally dating from around

And my new thing I learned today was a little something about Quaker dating. No, I’m not talking about how two young Society of Friends.

Built in on land donated to Quakers by on a 5, year lease, Farfield is one of the oldest Quaker meeting houses. The Act of Toleration was an important step on the road to religious freedom that we today take for granted. Farfield Meeting House was built that same year by Quakers who had previously had to worship in secret. This small and deliberately modest building is therefore an important monument on the road to freedom of belief and religious diversity.

You can download a short guide to Farfield Friends’ Meeting House here. Visitors are welcome to eat their picnic in the small walled burial ground where there is a bench seat, but we ask you please to take away any litter with you. The meeting house is on the Dales Way where it crosses the B Ilkley road. Please take care as sight lines are poor.

The Dales Way Association organises events and lists accommodation.

The Times Are Changing: Quaker Dating

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